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Cuban FM denounces lack of commitment in the face of climate change

COP27 debe reflejar amenazas del cambio climático, afirmó Díaz-Canel
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Deficient financing and lack of commitment of developed countries to climate change endangers the survival of humanity and the world, denounced this Friday, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban Foreign Minister.

On X, Cuban diplomat recalled that 2023 was a year of record-breaking temperatures and significant damages caused by strong storms, floods, droughts and heat waves.
Having just concluded the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) of the United Nations on Climate Change, last December 13, Rodriguez Parrilla, assessed as balanced, but insufficient, the results of the meeting held in Dubai.In the same social network, he commented that it is up to industrialized countries to fulfill their commitments and the goal of zero emissions, given their historical responsibility.
New generations will judge them by the facts; only a new international economic order will guarantee a just energy transition, he stressed.Among the outcomes of COP28 was the signing of the Dubai Agreement, which recognizes the need for deep, rapid and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in line with 1.5ºC trajectories.

The text proposes Agreements related to the 2030 Goals, carbon reduction, global zero emissions using low or zero carbon fuels, abandonment of fossil fuels, development of clean technologies, reduction of non-CO2 gases, sustainable transport and the elimination of inefficient subsidies.

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