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Cuban president highlights plurality of parliament candidates

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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel acknowledged on Thursday that the parliament candidates are an impressive comprehensive and diverse portrait of Cuban people.

“What we appreciate in the brief life reviews of all candidates for Parliament is an impressive comprehensive and diverse portrait of the Cuban people,” the president wrote on Twitter.

 Even though personalities such as the President of the Republic himself, senior government officials, artists and athletes with assiduous media presence and renowned scientists appear in the candidacy for the legislative body, it is made up mostly of citizens who are not known beyond their locality.

Precisely, according to the provisions of the Electoral Law, 356 of all 470 lawmakers to the National Assembly will be delegates from their constituency (the grassroots level of Cuba’s government system) and provincial lawmakers. Only 114 (24.2 percent) will be national legislators.

If they are all elected, the Parliament will be renewed by 64 percent, with representatives of almost all sectors of society, 95.5 percent of them with university level. More than half will be women, and one in five legislators will be under 35 years of age.

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