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French association rejects Cuba’s inclusion in terrorism list

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Cuba Linda French association on Wednesday strongly condemned the U.S. government´s decision to keep Cuba on its unilateral list of states sponsoring terrorism.

“The most terrorist country on the planet (USA) keeps Cuba on the list of states that sponsor terrorism. Unfortunately, this no longer really surprises us, Joe Biden continues his predecessors´ criminal and senseless policy,” the French association told Prensa Latina.

According to the association, established in 1998, the United States is hard up for moral authority and credibility to draw up such a list, and even less so to include Cuba in it, which has been suffering thousands of victims given terrorist acts orchestrated, conducted and financed from the United States.

The French association also condemns the US involvement in wars and destabilizations around the globe as well as the imposition of sanctions and genocidal blockades.

Cuba Linda called for the end of Washington’s aggressions against Cuba and stressed the right of the Cuban people to follow their chosen path.

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