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Impossible to determine complete identification of disappeared at Matanzas fire

Informan sobre búsqueda e identificación de los desaparecidos en incendio en Matanzas
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Dr. Jorge González Pérez, forensic expert in charge of the multidisciplinary team that carried out the search and identification of the remains belonging to the firefighters disappeared at Matanzas supertanker base fire, said on Aug 17, at a press conference that it was impossible to absolutely identify the remains.

González Pérez explained in detail the search process at the scene of the incident that occurred last Friday, August 5, conveyed condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the confrontation with the fire and reported that the relatives were contacted directly to explain what happened.

The expert pointed out that a modeling was done to determine what they could find, he said that in two hours at a temperature of 800 degrees a body completely turns into ashes, and the temperatures around tank number 51 where, according to witnesses, the firefighters were temperatures could reach 2000 degrees.

The experts worked in four quadrants, found more than 700 fragments of bone remains, but in consultation with experts of other countries, they agree that an absolute identification was not possible.

We advanced and found 14 groups of remains that corresponded to the 14 disappeared, there was nothing to force the figure, honesty and transparency existed throughout the process, he said.

They found objects such as flashlights, midsoles of two different shoes, isolated elements, fragments of a chain that belonged to a body, we have the list of the disappeared, in the next few hours the authorities will explain how to do it, when there is no absolute identity of the remains the family cannot take them, because they are not identified, no one has the right to take what does not belong to them, he said.

González Pérez reiterated that they met with all the relatives, collectively, who thanked and recognized the work carried out, the effort, the honesty with which the information was transmitted, the rigor of the experts trained by the Revolution.

The expert said that Cuba has advanced technology to carry out investigations, that although the work is painful, and that there is experience in similar situations, if a new technology suddenly appeared for identification, they would be willing to carry it out, the remains of Che Guevara were hidden for 30 years and we managed to find it.

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