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Cuba confirms entry, very limited, of Avian Influenza

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 National Center for Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture officially declared the entry of Avian Influenza in the country, although it explains that so far it is in a small and very limited area.

The information, transmitted by that institution to the World Organization for Animal Health, points out that the virus was detected in wild birds living in  Havana Zoo Garden, better known as the “Zoo of 26”.

The finding constitutes an alert for the entire Cuban population, especially for those who are dedicated to the breeding of any type of bird, whether in pens or just the presence of a minimum number of animals.

A statement signed by Dr. Cristobal A. Arredondo Alfonzo, director of the Animal Health Center, explains that the corresponding sanitary measures have been implemented to contain this event, including quarantine and temporary closure of the Zoo.

In case of any symptom of the disease, it is recommended to contact the veterinary authorities of each area for investigations and the application of measures to control the disease.

The population will be kept informed about the evolution of the event, and should be extremely careful with poultry, as well as in places where these animals are exhibited or are nesting or transit sites, in order to minimize possible damages.

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