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Cuban Residents in Europe meeting to strengthen support for Cuba

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Berlin will host this month a new edition of the Meeting of Cuban Residents in Europe (ECRE by its Spanish acronym), a forum that will seek to strengthen support and ties with our country, Jose Conde, one of its organizers, said on Monday.

Regarding the meeting slated in the German capital from November 18 to 20, the member of La Estrella de Cuba association shared with Prensa Latina details of the preparations for this meeting, in which delegates will address methods and issues to improve joint work.

 Among the items on the agenda will be the structure, since ECRE members aims to be more effective in issues such as the fight against the US blockade as well as communication and relations between this nation and its diaspora, he said.

According to Conde, they intend to make reality the proposal launched more than a decade ago to establish a European coordinating association of Cuban residents, with a view of inclusive participation in actions and also to enhance its scope.

The idea is to test this mechanism for a year and, based on the results, to think about its joint implementation, he said.

Regarding the commitment in the fight against the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba for more than six decades, he mentioned the goal of organizing activities to help fellow Cubans and to increase pressure on European institutions so that Washington revokes this policy.

We intend to be more effective, aware that our support will always be modest in the face of hardships and that the main solution to the problems is the lifting of the blockade and let us live in peace, he said.

The ECRE in Berlin will also be a space for debate on communication and social media, assuming that teamwork will be more productive than individual initiatives, including sending letters to leaders and politicians on the situation of Cuba and urging for action in the European Parliament.

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