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Challenges in teaching training assessed at Pedagogy 2023 in Cuba

During the Meeting of Rectors and Directors of Teacher Training Institutions, which is held as part of the Pedagogy 2023 program, teachers from the Latin American and the Caribbean region pointed out among the challenges of teaching training the increase of their social recognition and the quality of education.

The attendees showed experiences related to vocational training and a better articulation between undergraduate studies, job preparation, and post-graduate training.

Cuba’s Vice Minister of Higher Education, Reynaldo Velázquez, told the press that there are similar problems in this area in the region, accentuated by restrictions on access to higher education, the job placement of graduating teachers, and their access to further education.

Velázquez highlighted the recognition of the Caribbean Island in the region and the world for a practice developed for hundreds of years that was reinforced after the Literacy Campaign and the implementation of sciences in the educational field.

The purpose of the meeting was to socialize good practices and cooperation between countries.

Pedagogy 2023 is being held in Havana until February 2 with the participation of teachers, researchers, unionists, and officials from twenty countries.

As part of the Congress, the first meeting of ministers of the Group of 77 plus China will be held on February 2.

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