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Photovoltaic solar energy microgrid inaugurated in Cuba

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The Center for Information Management and Energy Development (CUBAENERGIA) on Wednesday, inaugurates a Microgrid for electricity generation with photovoltaic solar energy devices for research, development and self-supply of renewable sources.

The technology is part of the Cuban Microgrids Development project, and constitutes a donation from the international initiative Integrated Control System for the supply of energy through hybrid systems in isolated Cuban communities (Phase II).

CUBAENERGÍA specialists also informed to Cuban News Agency that its reception in the country has been positive, due to its application possibilities in geographical locations where the is a considerable solar radiation.

They added that its financing is in charge of the Comprehensive and Sustainable Energy Development Science, Technology and Innovation Program and implemented by CUBAENERGIA, whose staff carried out the assembly and start-up.

They pointed out that the design is a joint work of the Center for Environmental and Technological Energy Research of Spain, the Bornay Company and the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Respect (CUBASOLAR).

They specified that the non-governmental organization Solidarity for Development and Peace (SODEPAZ) also intervened in their administration.

The microgrid in question is made up of 30 kW of charger inverters, 50 kWh of storage in lithium batteries and 23 kWp of power in PV systems, always according to the Nuclear Communicators Network (RECNUC).

In addition, a 5 kVA maximum power wind turbine and a 10 kW biomass gasification plant are planned, and its combination of renewable energy sources would make it the only one of its kind in the country, indicated.

It works with PV generation and during the tests it generated a large part of the energy consumed in the CUBAENERGIA science and technology building, in the capital’s Playa municipality.

Ariel Rodríguez, from the center’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency department, explained that its main novelty is that it will automatically deliver energy to the grid in the event of surplus renewable generation.

Even, he said, use part of the stored in batteries to supply the loads without demanding, assume with the batteries and the PV generation those of the center and in case of its fall without interruption of the electrical service, among other advantages.

In the list of its benefits, it appears that the group was not affected by the interruptions in electrical service in recent times and also supported the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

One of the purposes of the facility is to serve collaborative research, which is evidenced in its execution by the national project Evaluation of the decrease in electricity generation from solar energy due to air pollution in selected areas.

It promotes its technological assimilation by Cuban technical personnel to evaluate its effective replication in the nation and contributes to achieving the country’s objective of having 24% renewable energy in electricity generation by 2030.

CUBAENERGIA is an institution attached to the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency, of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

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