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UN to discuss resolution against US blockade of Cuba

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United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will begin the debates on the draft resolution to end the blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States.

As part of the 77th session of the UNGA, representatives of different countries will enounce on the subject on Wednesday and Thursday, in what will be the thirtieth occasion that this topic is brought up to the plenary.

All the previous votes were favorable to the elimination of the blockade and the sanctions against Cuba, that is why it is expected that the international community will speak in favor once again.

According to the report presented by Cuba to the organization, at current prices the total damage during six decades of blockade amount to 150,410.8 million dollars, with a great weight in sectors such as health, education and beyond economy and quality of life.

Cuban authorities classify the blockade as an act of war in times of peace, and as the greatest obstacle for the development of the country.

Figuring suggests that, only in the ongoing government of Joe Biden, 14 months, Cuba has lost approximately 6.3 billion dollars as a result of the blockade.

In particular, measures, such as the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries sponsors of terrorism, are very harmful, since the refusal of foreign banks to provide services to Cuba, derive from them.

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