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CELAC fosters unity in diversity at the opening of its 7th Summit

Celac: Presidente argentino condenó bloqueo de EEUU a Cuba
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Opening the 7th Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez called on the 33 countries of the region to promote unity in diversity as a principle to grow together.

Fernandez, in his capacity as president pro tempore of the Community, expressed that 2022 was a difficult year and that in spite of this, the voice of the region was amplified on the world stage, reported the Presidency of Cuba on its website.

The Argentine president asked for a warm applause for what has been one of the best news for the organization: the return of Brazil to CELAC, after the country’s separation from that regional body, in the mandate of its former president, Jair Bolsonaro.

According to the text of the Presidency, Alberto Fernandez in his speech stressed that the American continent is the most unequal in the world, and put particular emphasis on the Caribbean region, which, he said, suffers the ravages of climate change.

He rejected blockades such as that of Cuba, which has been in place for more than six decades, and Venezuela, and emphasized that these are realities that should not be allowed.

Argentine leader underlined that the time has come to make the Caribbean and Latin America a single region, defending the same interests, and called for concrete actions for progress and advancement.

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