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Cuba undertakes recovery actions after Matanzas fire

The Matanzas Electric Company started on Wednesday 17,  the process of testing the affected circuit breaker fields in the 110 kilovolt (KV) Marti substation, as part of the recovery after the biggest fire in Cuba.

This substation provides services to five 33 KV lines that feed the industrial zone, where the accident took place, the neighborhood of Versalles and downtown Matanzas, hence the importance of rescuing it.

Workers carried out cleaning and testing work on the blades and switches of the Marti Plant, as well as the construction of the 33 KV line of circuit 4060, which allowed the substation affected by the fire to be put back into operation.

The actions in this area are part of the country’s recovery strategy, on which work is being carried out without rest, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said at a meeting to check the established plan on Tuesday.

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