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Cienfuegos to hold 5th Monologue Festival

Concursarán 17 unipersonales en Festival del Monólogo de Cienfuegos

More than a dozen theater artists from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Puerto Rico, together with proposals from Havana, Guantanamo, Pinar del Rio, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara and Cienfuegos, will compete in the fifth edition of the Festival of the Latin American Monologue and Terry Award 2023, to be held in Cienfuegos from February 9 to 12.

According to the organizers of the digital platforms of the contest, 17 works will occupy the billboard for those days in various theaters in the city, in a theatrical party organized from the Tomas Terry Theater, with the collaboration of Casa de las Américas and the sponsorship of the Provincial and National Councils of Performing Arts of Cuba.

Among the national groups selected in this fifth edition, are theater troupe El Público from Havana, Pálpito theater group, and Teatro del Caballero, together with the scenic group La Rosa de Santa Clara, La Barca de Guantánamo, as well as Mateo Pazos from Santiago, Theater of Utopia in Pinar del Río and Theater of the Fortress in Cienfuegos.

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