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Cuban residents in Mexico send letter to Biden on the blockade

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Cuban residents in Mexico on Wednesday joined their compatriots in the region by sending a letter to United States President Joe Biden regarding the blockade, the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, and the false accusation of Cuba as a sponsor of terrorism.

The letter, delivered on Wednesday at the US Embassy in Mexico City, began with expressions of solidarity to the American people for the death toll caused by Hurricane Ian in Florida and other US states.

The Jose Marti Association of Cuban Residents in Mexico A.C. is concerned about the devastating damage in western Cuba, including three deaths and considerable material damage.

For this reason, we appeal to your good offices to express to the Government of the United States the need that under these complex circumstances the economic sanctions maintained by the US Government against Cuba be relaxed.

They point out that Cuba needs resources and financing for a speedy recovery.

Today, the blockade makes it impossible or limits the arrival of those resources and Cuba’s inclusion in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism makes it more difficult.

On the contrary, they say, Cuba has been the victim of numerous terrorist acts and for 63 years it has denounced and rejected them, for which reason we demand that Cuba be removed from that spurious list.

It would be a positive step in the right direction to maintain relations between the two countries and above all, for our people to stop suffering from the negative effects it causes.

We hope that in the wake of death and destruction caused by the hurricane, waves of solidarity arise between the peoples of the United States and Cuba.

The situation is critical, it is urgent to act. The peoples of Cuba and the United States will be grateful, the letter concludes.

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