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Network in Defense of Humanity congrats Cuba on National Rebellion Day

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The Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH, in Spanish) reaffirmed its unconditional support for the Cuban Revolution on its today’s National Rebellion Day.

“We celebrate this July 26, the National Rebellion Day in Cuba, convinced its legacy is an essential reference for future battles for the good of Our America,” according to a REDH´s statement.

69 years ago, the assaults on the Moncada (Santiago de Cuba) and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes (Bayamo) barracks were the deeds that helped to open “a new stage of combat in the redemptive struggles of the Cuban people against oligarchy and imperialism”, the statement said.

A new young and revolutionary leadership – heir to the courage and honesty of our heroes, committed to seeking a solution to Cuba’s pressing problems and eradicating US dependence- was emerging.

These young people “were closely linked to the people, aware of their needs and struggles; they came from the poor and middle classes of Cuban society with a deep pro-independence and anti-imperialist ideology,” the REDH stated.

The Moncada assault proved, as Fidel Castro said, that there is no social and political situation, no matter how complicated it may seem, without a possible way out.

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