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Cuban Parliament permanent committees to hold meetings

Convocan Parlamento cubano a su Segundo Período Ordinario de Sesiones en la X Legislatura
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Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP, Parliament) Permanent Working Commissions  will hold meetings on Monday and Tuesday prior to the legislative sessions scheduled to take place between December 20th and 22nd.

According to statements to the press by the coordinator of the Permanent Working Commissions of the ANPP, Martha Hernandez, deputies will debate crucial issues of national interest, verified in previous meetings with the population and public officials, and will analyze deficiencies appreciated in the territories and measures to solve them.

Hernandez explained that compliance with the Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security law, actions to counteract price increase and to evaluate housing construction program, as well as the state of communal services, retail trade improvement and vulnerable people subsidies granting.

This Monday’s and Tuesday’s meetings will set the stage for the Second Period of Sessions of the 10th Legislature of the ANPP in the following three days.

The agenda of the meeting provides for the review of the implementation of the Family Code, Law 114 of criminal proceedings, as well as the ratification of agreements and decree laws of the Council of State.

The conference will also discuss the behavior of Law 118 on Foreign Investment, the draft laws on Public Health, the Military Prosecutor’s Office, and the System for Attention to People’s Complaints and Requests.

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