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Cuban government prioritizes energy production self-sufficiency

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Cuban Energy and Mines Minister Vicente de la O Levy told reporters with the Presidency of the Republic about the results in the energy field of the recent international tour of President Miguel Diaz Canel, who visited Algeria, Russia, Türkiye and China.

Everytime we refer to the National Energy System we only think of our thermoelectric plants, but the system is much more than that, said de la O Levy, who was part of the Cuban delegation.

He said the accords reached in all four countries visited will contribute to relieve the complex scenario facing Cuba’ energy system.

Algeria decided to resume stable fuel supply to Cuba to fuel local power plants, donate a solar power park to be set up in Havana and hooked to the national grid to benefit the whole island.

Russia also decided to support Cuban energy system with fuel, renewable energy projects and the operations of the local thermoelectric plants.

Meanwhile, Accord reached in Türkiye included the rental of power ships.

China on its part decided to resume projects related to solar power systems which were stalled for lack of funds, and restructure the Cuban debt payments to keep ahead with investments.

It is now up to our embassies, experts and technicians to implement all those accords as fast as possible, the Minister said and went on to ratify that power cuts will diminish in December in the residential sector, while the electric system stabilizes.

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