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Cienfuegos sends large amounts of cement to Ian- hurricane- affected regions

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Cementos Cienfuegos Enterprise paid more than 7,900 tons (t) of its main line, in the last 15 days, to the territories affected by Hurricane Ian, which hit western Cuba at the end of September, causing considerable damaged the housing infrastructure and buildings.

Workers of the Commercial Cement Company (ECOCEM), in charge of the sale and transfer of the so-called gray gold, quickly assume the dispatch of the volumes destined for the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Artemisa, Mayabeque, Havana and the special municipality of Isla of the Youth.

Juan J. Hernandez Puerto, Commercial Chief of ECOCEM, declared to the Cuban News Agency that they transport the resource by means of automobile transport, of which the largest figures were sent to Pinar del Rio and to the distributor located in Mariel, while by cabotage of patana taxed more than 700 t to the Island.

He announced that, for the first time, they assumed the use of rail transport to move cement to the provinces of the westernmost zone, with formations of a dozen ferrosils.

He said that they work 24 hours a day in the dispatch of automotive transport, with averages of about 100 trucks a day.

They also work 12 hours a day to fill the 17 ferrosils, each with a capacity of 56 t.
Benito Lopez Turiño, head of the Cementos Cienfuegos office, stated that they have the needed stuff, committed to the task of handling the cement, and the workers in charge of maintenance to respond quickly to breakdowns, because electrical or system failures can occur.

He added that considerable levels of mortar are supplied for the production of construction materials, by state entities in several provinces such as Havana and Santi Spiritus, in order to support the needs of wall elements and water tanks, among others.

The self-employed and MSMEs have also joined in to support this constructive movement, he indicated.

At the same time, an attempt has been made to maintain supply volumes to other territories and to prioritized industrial works.

Cementos Cienfuegos is the largest producer of its kind in the country, and was opened in 1980 with German technology.

In 2001 it received a capital repair, and has remained active, in the midst of fuel and spare parts deficits, caused by the economic blockade of the US government against Cuba.

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