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Cuba prepares special call for university entrance exams

Alistan en Cuba convocatoria especial para ingreso a universidades
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 Cuba is currently preparing the special call for the entrance exams to Higher Education for the 2022 academic year, slated for Jan.9, 11, and 13.

This time, those students who could not take the ordinary exams for justified reasons will be able to take Math, Spanish and History tests, Granma daily reported.

Taking these exams leads to entry into Cuban universities in most majors, since the results depend to a great extent on the granting of the existing vacancies.

This process begins with students who got the best grades and in a first round includes applicants who got a minimum of 60 points.

Subsequently, opportunities are offered to failed students, those who did not apply, and to graduates from technical-vocational courses and the Facultad Obrero Campesina (Faculty for Workers and Farmers).

For this year, a little more than 103,000 places are available in different types of courses, with about 53,200 of them in regular daytime courses, most of them in university majors.

Another 44,325 places in the Higher Education centers of the country are available for weekly courses, which are mainly attended by workers, as well as distance education (5,500).

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