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Cienfuegos province ready to hold a legislative referendum

Alista Cuba prueba dinámica para referendo de Código de Familias

The electoral authorities, in addition to the supervisors, collaborators and information processing groups of the province of Cienfuegos, are ready to carry out next Sunday, September 25, the legislative referendum of the Family Code, as corroborated by the carrying out on September 18, of its previous dynamic test.

This was confirmed on September 5 by Lilliam Abreu Capote, secretary of the provincial electoral council (CEP), who assured that this Sunday’s exercise made it possible to verify everything that has been done in the province and in all the municipalities to guarantee a successful of the referendum on the 25th.

“From very early hours our electoral authorities at all levels have been mobilized to make the voting areas work as if we were going to vote. To guarantee that there is privacy, that they have all the materials needed, but also to be able to verify that the communication, transportation and food plans that have been designed are effective.”

The electoral authority added that in a second moment of the dynamic test, a practical exercise was developed with all the voting centers and constituencies of the province, in which a vote count was simulated so that the people who are at the table gain skills in issuing the closing of voting and the sixth part in the schedules in which they are established so that they are trained, for example, in how the ballots are classified.

«This exercise was also carried out in the established terms and the result of it allows us to know, then, in which constituency we have to train a little more, towards which electoral authorities we must deepen the training so that there are no errors next Sunday,» CEP secretary said.

In Cienfuegos, more than 700 electoral councils should function on September 25, and just over 4,000 electoral authorities will act at all levels.

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