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Cienfuegos celebrates heritage route second anniversary

Celebran segundo aniversario de Ruta Patrimonial Padre Las Casas
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A Conference for the second anniversary of the creation of the “Padre Las Casas” Heritage Route Project is held in Cienfuegos from August 15 to 27, a celebration that includes a tour by Cienfuegos city, a tribute to researchers, conferences, book and audiovisual presentations, as well as exhibitions, performance and crafts sale.

According to Iliana Ferriol Martinez, coordinator of the initiative, at the Provincial Historical Museum, the tribute to the renowned Cienfuegos archaeologist Marcos Rodriguez Matamoros, in whose studies they supported the conceptual premise of the project, will transcend, they will also present their book “Jagua Indigena” and will open an art exhibition, with the same name.

Cienfuegos celebrates heritage route second anniversary

In these two years, the results of “Padre Las Casas” Project stand out, the link with artists, cultural and academic institutions, as well as community actions at Mártires de Barbados food production cooperative with an environmental and sociocultural diagnosis, through the Green Map methodology, among other achievements.

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