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Actors from Guiñol Cienfuegos  develop solidarity initiative with Matanzas 

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Actors from the Guiñol Cienfuegos theater group, along with other culture institutions of the province, developed the initiative to support the  province of Matanzas with donations.

Daymani Blanco, director of the scenic group specified that they will perform two special functions with the aim of raising funds for the purchase of supplies.

At 6 in the afternoon, on Wednesday 10,  and next Friday 12, the Guanaroca Hall will host the theater play”Mio mas tú tú tú tú Igual” and “Juanin Tun Tun”, respectively.

From this Wednesday and until Friday, from 9 to 4 in the afternoon, the representative of the theatrical institution, called for the delivery of donations at the group’s headquarters, mainly medical supplies such as bandages, gloves, healing material, as well as canned food.

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