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October 20: Cuba celebrates Cuban National Culture Day

During 42 years, the people of Cuba has celebrated the Day of Cuban National Culture every October 20.

The date was instituted in commemoration of one of the most relevant events that the History of Cuba treasures, the intonation for the first time of the National Anthem, also on October 20, 1868.

Pedro Figueredo Cisneros, Major General of the Cuban Liberation Army, was the creator of that combat march entitled «La Bayamesa», sung by the people in the Cuban city of Bayamo, the day it was liberated by the Cuban Liberation Army.

The National Anthem of Cuba is the symbol in which the decision to fight and the feeling of love for the Homeland intersect.

Every October 20, Cubans on the Island and in all parts of the world celebrate everything that characterizes us, our culture in the broadest sense of the word.

The Day of Cuban Culture is also a good occasion to highlight the fundamental role of Africa, the land of our ancestors, in the formation of the Cuban nation. The rich African cultural heritage is present in all artistic manifestations and in the way of being of Cubans, in our literature, religiosity, food, music and many other areas of daily life in Cuba.

We celebrate National Culture Day proudly defending our identity roots, celebrating the cultural achievements of our artists and creators and the universal access of the Cuban people to culture as an achievement and conquest of the Cuban Revolution.

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