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Cuba to produce vital injectable antibiotics

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Cuba will start up a cephalosporin plant to produce a series of injectable beta-lactam antibiotics that are widely used in intensive therapies.

Among them are antimicrobials Meropenem, Ceftriaxone (Rocephin), Cefotaxime, Cefazolin, Cefuroxime, Ceftazidime and Cefepime.

According to Granma newspaper, the plant should start producing those antibiotics before ending 2022, and it will be the only one of this kind in the country.

The source clarifies that 90 percent of the equipment to be used is already in Cuba.

Injectable antibiotics such as Meropenem, Rocephin and Cefotaxime are essential for hospital use in intensive therapies, with a wide spectrum of treatment of bacterial infections, pneumonia and meningitis, among other diseases, the newspaper reported.

Importing these antibiotics costs the country between seven and eight million dollars a year, and producing them here will reduce expenses, the source stated.

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