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14th Artistic-Literay brigade visits mountain communities in Cienfuegos

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With a large sample of different art genres and significant representation of artists, young creators travel through the Guamuhaya mountains of the province of Cienfuegos from August 1 to 7, in the 14th edition of the Artistic-Literary brigade of the Hermanos Saiz Association.

Diana Padron Castillo, vice president of the AHS, told the radio that Plastic Arts students, writers from Sancti Spiritus, as well as the singer-songwriter Nelson Valdes, the poet El Kikiri de Cisneros, the Guiñol Cienfuegos on its 60th anniversary, the Cañabrava group, among other artists.

Among the settlements that receive the artistic Brigade until next Sunday are El Jovero, Charco Azul, El Nicho, Cuatro Vientos, Centro Cubano, as well as mountainous areas of Villa Clara such as Topes de Collantes, and the closing is scheduled for August 7th at Yaguanabo beach.

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