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United Nations System response plan for post-Ian recovery in Cuba

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Ever since Hurricane Ian hit Cuba, more than 500,000 people in the province of Pinar del Río have benefited from the quick response plan of the United Nations System (UNS) in Cuba, based on the delivery of free food supplies, one of the benefits expected to boost the recovery efforts in the region.

UNS’s relief has included the donation of almost 50,000 water tanks for homes and schools, more than 10,000 tarpaulins and tents for temporary shelter, and almost 15,000 personal mattresses for local residents, as well as kitchen kits, lamps and rechargeable lanterns and the provision of 14.7 million dollars, of which 7.8 million were approved by the Central Emergency Response Fund to provide food, housing, and sanitation and health care services.

“We still have a long way to go in terms of support and funding,” said Francisco Pichón, resident coordinator of the UNS in Cuba during an on-site review of the actions and contribution of various agencies. “The most important thing is to confirm that the material supplies respond to the real needs of the province.”

On his end, Darío Álvarez, representative of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, remarked that resources are never enough, hence the importance of their swift deployment in the field.
“Whenever I visit the country, I always admire the progress made in the recovery effort, which speaks very well of the Cuban people, its main driving force,” he added.

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