17 de enero de 2022

U.S President Joe Biden insists on reviewing politics on Cuba

 When announcing he will review the ban on family remittances to Cuba, President Joe Biden continues his lengthy review of policy on Cuba.
According to Biden, he ordered Monday the State Department to set up a commission in charge of reviewing Cuba´s family remittance policy, a shift compared to his Jul. 16 statements.

Biden initially denied categorically that he would re-establish the sending of family remittance to Cuba and now says he will address such an issue demanded by many Cuban-Americans who criticize Biden´s inaction and ask for the end of the US blockade against Cuba.

It would be necessary to see the conditions they intend to conduct all this because a White House official told local media that ‘the most effective avenue to send family remittances directly to the Cuban people will be studied.’

Last week, Biden offered only to seek ways to provide Cubans with Internet service without measuring how much interference there was in his words.

When speaking about Jul. 11 riots in Cuba, the US president left out the impact of over 60-year blockade, considered as the major cause of economic difficulties the Cuban people are currently going through.

In addition to family remittances, Joe Biden proposed that another group to review the possible increased staff at the US embassy in Havana.

A bicameral delegation from Congress that visited Havana at that time assured that the withdrawal of diplomatic staff was a really mistake.

A State Department´s secret report -declassified in February- suggested that the decision to dismantle the US embassy in reaction to alleged ‘sonic attacks’ was a political ‘response’ plagued by mismanagement, lack of coordination and non-compliance with procedures.

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