17 de enero de 2022

Tomas Terry theater of Cienfuegos will celebrate its 131st anniversary online

Tomas Terry Theater in the city of Cienfuegos will celebrate its 131 anniversary next February 12, managers and workers of the institution have organized a virtual campaign to be runned from February 8 till 12, to celebrate the date.

According to Yankiel Ayara Yero, communication specialist of the entity, the campaign will focus on social networks, and its communicative actions will focus on the history of the theatrical institution, its exceptional architectural and artistic values, the multiple renovation interventions in recent years, as well as virtual activities and events developed during the pandemic.

Tomas Terry Theater, listed as a National Monument, is an architectonic and culture jewel due to the type of construction in the Italian style and the eclecticism of its structure that harmonizes with the characteristics of the city environment.

The prominence of its impact on the cultural life of Cienfuegos became the result of the participation of representative figures of culture such as the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso, the actress of Sarah Bernhardt, the dancers Alicia Alonso and Antonio Esteve Ródenas, the actor Arquímides Pous, Rosa Fornes, among other personalities.

The prestigious scenic art institution in this city admired by all Cienfuegos public, forms, together with its peers, (Sauto de Matanzas, and La Caridad de Santa Clara), the existing trilogy in Cuba of the XIX century theaters.

(Translated from ¨Celebrarán en las redes sociales 131 años del teatro Tomás Terry de Cienfuegos¨by Adriana Peña Balbieri published in RCM web page)

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