27 de enero de 2022
Una obra martiana será el próximo montaje teatral del grupo cienfueguero Cañabrava

Caña Brava theater group will perform theater play based on the book ´La Edad de Oro´

Dayli Morffi, actress from Cienfuegos puppet theater group ¨Caña Brava¨ will present the monologue based on the book´ La Edad de Oro´, on occasion of the 31st anniversary of the group to be celebrated on March 27th.

The new scenic project by the group called «Historias de Papel» will be directed by Ofelia Pacheco Castro and will evoke characters and anecdotes from » La Edad de Oro «; Jose Marti’s literary masterpiece proposal for American children’s, this time, adapted to puppet theater by Rafael Gonzalez Muñoz.

Amidst conditions imposed by COVID-19, infants, faithful followers of Cañabrava Theater’s proposals, the director of the group recommends always staying at home, and complying with sanitary measures.

«Inside the house to entertain yourself, find a playful game, read a lot and always learn something, so that people don’t get depressed,» advises the theater creator.

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