27 de enero de 2022

Specialist carry out studies to supervise drought in Cienfuegos

A Temporary Drought Group activated in the province of Cienfuegos will seek to counteract the possible effects of rainfall shortage in the current dry season.

Luis Estupiñán Suárez, a specialist of the Provincial Water Use Enterprise, told ACN that the rain levels in the last three months—26.1 mm—have fallen short of the monthly average values, even if the situation in the province quite favorable.

“In March alone we only had 3.6% of the expected 59 mm of rain,” he remarked, “and five of 31 possibly affected underground water sources are already damaged for lack of rainfall.”

Since 2005 in the province of Cienfuegos they have been working with the most deficient underground sources. Today, of the seven basins there are three of monthly studies, with special emphasis on Hanabana, which is the most powerful with  agriculture productive poles of Aguada and Abreus, for which its efficient use is necessary.

It is worth noting that the surface water shows good behavior, since the dams and reservoirs are at 85 percent of their capacity.

Alvaro Pérez Senra, a specialist from the Cienfuegos Provincial Meteorological Center, explains the causes of the scarce rains.

“Now the La Niña phenomenon dominates, influencing our area with dry winters. Thirteen cold fronts have arrived and the territory has hardly rained”, he considered.

The Temporary Working Group for the drought in Cienfuegos already provides attention to the population settlements most affected by the possible drought, and warns about the need to increase saving measures.

There are six reservoirs and seven groundwater basins in this province, but none has been seriously affected so far.

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