4 de diciembre de 2021

Scientific and innovative results applied in the construction sector

The Construction Research and Development Center (CIDC), the most important promoter of scientific and technological progress in the construction sector in Cuba, provides the country’s building companies with new technologies and materials.

An example of this is CUBACONS, a construction and assembly enterprise with major studies to its credit such as one about the use of sugarcane wax for concrete curing and as a release agent and another about pavement preservation alternatives and surface treatment.

CUBACONS is also working on the production of pavements with high rates of recycled material in hot and cold asphalt mixes, and the generalization of the use of asphaltites (solid natural asphalt with organic origin) and asphalt rocks as raw material. Other projects include the development of a domestically produced plasticizing additive for concrete and a construction subsystem with lightweight prefabricated reinforced mortar panels as an alternative housing solution.

One of the ICDC’s strategic goals is to improve the performance of conventional materials, introduce new construction procedures and systems, reduce deterioration, and increase the useful life of our architectural heritage. Furthermore, the institution seeks to develop affordable housing materials.

Recently, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez visited the ICDC, where he insisted on the need to innovate and make progress in the path toward greater self-sufficiency in the development of construction materials.

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