24 de octubre de 2021

Radio Ciudad del Mar website in Cienfuegos celebrates its 20 anniversary

Twenty years ago, journalists from Cienfuegos working at Radio Ciudad del Mar broadcasting station´s newsroom team, founded the RCM Website on May 5, 2001, becoming a new platform to publish and share contents and news of the province and Cuba to the world.

Taking Radio Ciudad del Mar on internet was really an important step. Today, everything that has to do with computerization of society, video calls, mail and electronic commerce, sounds very normal.But 20 years ago with the conditions that existed and the little preparation of professionals in these subjects -for those who were not related to computer science-, it was a challenge; it was assumed and we learned along the way «, recalls Evelyn Ferrer, web editor and founder of RCM Website.

Nowadays, the digital news website counts with an active presence in different social media networks, as well as multimedia production and interaction with followers, since its early foundation holds national and foreign awards.

It also has the privilege of having among its collaborating firms relevant communication professionals from other countries such as the Spanish analyst Germán Gorráis López and the Peruvian writer, sociologist and poet Raúl Allain Vega.

Jorge Domínguez Morado, head of the RCM web group, reveals that they have always set as a challenge, to become a paradigm of digital journalism in the country.

After twenty years in Internet, he proudly recalls the first real-time online transmission carried out in the province during the Formula T1 Speedboat World Championship in 2002.

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