27 de enero de 2022
Raydel Cisnero es el primer niño vacunado del ensayo clínico de Soberana Plus en población pediátrica en Fase I

Optimism and confidence prevail in Soberana Plus Pediatria clinical trial in Cienfuegos

Optimism and confidence in Cuban science prevail during the initial session of Phase II of the Soberana Plus Pediatria clinical trial, at the Paquito Gonzalez  Cueto University Pediatric Hospital (HPU), in the province of Cienfuegos.

This was demonstrated by Yanet Diaz Padilla, mother of little Niolvis Arocha Diaz, the first of 53 children convalescing from COVID-19 who received the single dose of Soberana Plus this Monday.

Diaz Padilla says to feel grateful to the leadership of the country, Cuban doctors and scientists, for their effort and hours of wakefulness dedicated to obtaining a medicine for those infants who were infected with the coronavirus.

She stated that her son, who was just three years old, had the disease asymptomatically, which is why he went to the call to participate in this investigation, where he was given several tests and was finally chosen.

She indicated that before vaccination they perform a rapid test to rule out the presence of SARS CoV-2, then they assess the children in consultation, take their vital signs and draw blood to see the levels of immunity, then they apply the immunogen, the they monitor for one hour, in addition to 24-hour follow-up, on the seventh and twenty-eighth days.

The selection of the children for the study took place between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a very laborious task because many children attended, even exceeding the number of volunteers to participate, added the Second Degree specialist in Pediatrics.

She recognized the interest and cooperation of the population of Cienfuegos, interested in immunizing their infants, and said that this shows how much they trust the vaccine.

The experts from the National Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials accompany the process, in charge of ensuring compliance with good clinical practices; as well as Dr. Rinaldo Puga Gomez, principal investigator and specialists from the Finlay Vaccine Institute.

Soberana Plus Pediatria, which will run until next Friday, aims to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity and immunogenicity of the drug in convalescent patients from COVID-19 in pediatric age.

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