22 de abril de 2021

New Russian locomotives already working in Cuba

Seven new locomotives from Russia, which arrived in Cuba in December, have already started their active operations within the railway system development program, in areas such as passengers transportation, cargo, fuel, sugarcane and its derivatives.

In statements to Granma newspaper,by general director of the Cuban Railroad Union (UFC), Fatima Palacios Garrido, specified that the TGM-8km type machines were destined for that entity after their enlistment and start-up, giving priority to cargo transportation.

According to Palacios Garrido, the locomotives provide services in the transportation of passengers to and from the Mariel Special Development Zone, as well as in the transfer of fuels from the Cienfuegos Refinery.

The directive added that one of the teams was assigned for the express service reopening, and the rest also work on the transfer of sugar cane and its derivatives (sugar and molasses), food intended for the population consumption, cement and, in a special way , ammonia and rails for railways, she said.

Among the perspectives of the UFC are the assurance of the 2020-2021 sugar cane harvest, the organization of the 2021-2022 sugar cane planting and harvesting and the linkage with the national industry for the production and manufacture of parts and aggregates, she concluded.

Translated by Yeney Pérez Corona

Editora en idioma inglés del sitio web de Radio Ciudad del Mar.

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