19 de enero de 2022

New prices for construction materials announced in Cienfuegos

Commerce Business Group (GEC), of the province of Cienfuegos, in accordance with the provisions of the Cuban Ministry of Internal Commerce, announced some changes in the prices for construction materials that are part of the housing program, which constitutes a priority for the country.

Águedo Madruga Torreira, merchandise sales director of the GEC, told ACN that construction materials are used in the territory from two fundamental sources: those of national production and those of local production.

He explained that most of the nationally produced materials maintain similar prices, for example, cement, steel, roofing plates, carpentry and sanitary sets, among others; however, one product that does increase cost is the concrete block.

He added that the prices of locally produced materials increased between 1.5 and two times, because some of these fabrications are derived from plastic, such as pipes, and are the most used.

With regard to basic housing materials, that is, Madruga Torreira pointed out that the policy of subsidizing people instead of products is maintained, but now there is a slight increase in the price of materials.

In this sense, Joel Castillo Fuentes, general director of the GEC, highlighted that until last December the basic housing module with a light roof cost 53 487 pesos and now it increased by 37%, that is, 73 411 pesos.

While in the case of a house with a heavy roof, it also increased by 45 percent.

Products used for construction used in subsidy programs and basic housing module continue to be protected in order to alleviate the housing situation in the country.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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