8 de diciembre de 2021

Neonatology service of Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital stands out in the face of COVID-19

Neonatology service of the General Hospital of Cienfuegos, Dr. Gustavo Aldereguia Lima (HGAL), has nowadays, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the great challenge of paying attention to the newborns of mothers positive to SARS-CoV- 2, or post-COVID-19 patients, suffering from any complication related to the disease.

In dialogue with the head of these Services, Dr. Anolys Piña Rodriguez, specialist of the First Degree in Neonatology and Comprehensive General Medicine, we learned about how the work has become intense in this stage of epidemic peak.

“Given the implementation of the new care protocols, neonatologists have multiplied and even grown. All newborns in isolation centers or health institutions are closely followed by our specialists, to provide this assistance we reorganize ourselves.

In recent times, despite the call by health authorities to the extreme protection of vulnerable groups, the number of pregnant women carrying SARS-CoV-2 has increased.

Social distancing and isolation during pregnancy is needed to prevent from the desease, because suffering from the virus multiplies the risk of complications for future mothers and their children.

“A few days ago we participated in a cesarean section to positive COVID-19 patient, a simple pregnancy, the newborn with a good weight and Apgar, the latter is a parameter that evaluates the heart rate, muscle tone and other patterns to determine the type of medical assistance required by the newborn, which was kept under observation in our service.

We continue to raise the quality indicators, and we participate in the confrontation with this epidemic, in what corresponds to us. The Cienfuegos family can feel confident that neonatologists do and will do, under any circumstance, what corresponds to us to preserve the lives of the little ones.

Very recently, at the CEA, we attended a cesarean section for the 27-year-old patient Yudisleydis Antunez Ponce, positive for COVID-19, chronic hypertensive. A twin pregnancy, which went smoothly. The neonatologists Juan Jesus Fernandez, the nursing graduates Erika Martinez and Ismaray Rodriguez participated; the obstetricians, Leonel and Jorge Luis, the anesthesiologist Dra. Aracelys, and the circulating women, among a huge team. The result was two babies weighing more than 3,000 grams in very good health ”.

It is necessary to highlight the quick response of the Integrated Medical Emergency System, which allowed the return to the Provincial Hospital with the newborns, who were kept under care and evaluation in the Neonatology room.

“Despite the time that has elapsed since the pandemic, we still have a lot of to investigate and learn about, but as we go along, and in the fight to preserve life, we continue to care for newborns who are born to already positive or negative mothers, but who suffered severe disease complications. Here we keep them in isolated incubators, they feed and only go home when they are fully recovered”.

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