26 de octubre de 2021

International Festival of New Latin American Cinema starts in Havana

With the screening of a restored version of the movie La última cena (The Last Supper )(1976), by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Titón), the 42nd Havana Film Festival will begin this Thursday 3rd  through December 13th

The inaugural gala will take place at eight o’clock at the Acapulco cinema, with the work of Gutiérrez Alea, and

Poster of the movie The Last Supper (1976), by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Titón)

the participation of the singer Zule Guerra, who will sing songs from her most recent album El viaje and will be accompanied by the Natural Trio.

Those attending the opening will be able to enjoy a copy of Titón’s work restored by the Los Angeles Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Archive in coordination with the Cuban Film Library and the Cuban Institute of Art and Industries (ICAIC).
Both the opening ceremony of the event and the film will be broadcast entirely live on Cuban television, an option taken by the Festival’s organizing committee to bring the proposals of the Festival to the people, and to counteract the reduction of space in the cinemas due to COVID-19.
With the screening of 92 films, the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema returns to this capital city, amidst the adaptations to the new normality and the hygienic sanitary measures necessary to live with the coronavirus, for which it will be held in two terms, one in December and the other in March.
Yumey Besú, director of the festival, shared previously that five movie theaters will participate in the capital: Yara, 23 and 12, Acapulco, Riviera, and La Rampa; taking a three seats  distance in schedule to favor the disinfection of them, which will be reduced to 30% of their capacity for the public.
Due to space conditions, this year there will be no accreditation or passport, the meeting’s organizing committee insists on buying tickets in advance, to avoid crowds in each movie theater.
In order to make the festival reach everyone, a television program will be set up where films from the premieres will be played in the theatres every day.
(Taken from ACN)

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