25 de octubre de 2021

Havana’s Scientific-Technological Park keeps developing projects

The Havana Scientific-Technological Park counts at present with 15 incubation projects that have allowed it to bill more than 2,500,000 Cuban pesos, according to director Rafael Luis Torralbas Ezpeleta.

In statements to the press, Torralbas Ezpeleta explained that a Scientific-Technological Park is by design and conception an ecosystem of innovation based on benefits and incentives and incubate Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) projects bound to give rise to new products or services or new tech companies.

“This Park has a portfolio of 56 identified project opportunities, and eight of its 15 projects in incubation are from the University of Computer Science. Among the most represented lines of work are unmanned vehicles, home automation, automation, e-commerce, health solutions, food production, management systems, and Internet service platforms,” he remarked.

Based on these priorities, project incubation contracts have been signed with foreign entities, including the German company SMABIT GMBH, with the aim of developing a smart home solution (home automation), which integrates devices marketed by this company in the European market.
The director pointed out that 297 professionals are taking part in these incubation projects at the Park, 249 of them from Cuban universities.

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