27 de enero de 2022

Dominican Republic sends 12 tons of medical supplies donated to Cuba

A donation of more than 12 tons of medical supplies from the Dominican government sails Aug 30, through the Caribbean Sea to Cuba in a gesture of solidarity to help face the COVID-19 pandemic.

As told by diplomatic sources in this nation to Prensa Latina, the cargo includes thousands of masks, medicine such as Acetaminophen, Amoxicillin, Citirizine, Vitamins as well as antibacterial gel and isopropyl alcohol, all valued in 551 thousand 458 dollars.

Likewise, another important batch of supplies and medicines travels by air, in this case collected by the Maximo Gomez Association of Cuban residents, by the Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba and the State Mission of the island.

These are the first shipments sent by the Dominican government, Cubans and friendly organizations, which is a display of their will to show their solidarity with Cuba at a difficult time for that nation.

Cuban consul, Rainer Garcia, explained to Prensa Latina that although in recent days the priority was aid shipments, donations continue to arrive from different parts of the country to two collection points established in this capital.

‘Each aid that reaches the collection centers reflects the historical friendship between the peoples of the Dominican Republic and Cuba and shows once again that we are not alone facing the blockade imposed by the United States on my country for more than six decades’, the diplomat added.

While waiting for a second shipment announced in the coming days, support for Cuba is growing, which also includes monetary contributions to a bank account to be used for prioritized purchases and to defray shipping costs.

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