8 de diciembre de 2021

Cuban scientists continue fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic

Cuban scientists continue  with the development of diagnostic methods and vaccine candidates of national production that allow the country to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this way, the country seeks to guarantee the necessary technological sovereignty and import independence, notes the Finlay Institute on Twitter.

Following that premise, several specialists met on Tuesday from the Finlay Institute, Cuba’s Business Group of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries, as well as from the centers of Immunoassay and Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

During the meeting, data from the Elisa-type diagnostic system developed in Cuba, which is based on SUMA technology (UltraMicroanalytic System), was analyzed to detect antibodies generated by the novel coronavirus.

In that sense, the Umelisa SARS COV-2 IgG system stands out, a diagnostic system created by the Immunoassay Center since May, which allows a greater number of people to be tested in order to detect and identify COVID-19 cases in a timely manner, isolate them and treat them.

Experts also focused on the progress of the analytical systems for different controls of Cuban ongoing vaccines.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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