26 de octubre de 2021

Cuban Omara Durand won her sixth Paralympic gold in Tokyo

Durand captured the attention of most of those present at the Olympic Stadium of this Japanese capital, to whom she gave a time of 52.58 seconds.

«We didn’t have much time to rest between the semifinal race and the final, but we are prepared. Coach Miriam Ferrer is planning it so that it goes well,» said the Cuban track diva.

Omara started on the lead to leave no doubts about her power to those who escorted her on the podium, especially the Ukrainian Oksana Boturchuk (55.33) and the Venezuelan Alejandra Paola Perez Lopez (57.06), in that order.

«We said it and we kept it: we were going to give everything to get the medal and the best possible result,» said Yuniol Kindelan, her inseparable guide.

Becoming Cuba’s most golden athlete in Paralympic sport fills this formidable runner with pride.

«We are very happy because I am Cuba’s most decorated athlete in the history of the Paralympic Games. That makes the goal, the commitment, to keep going forward in the sport, to make good races and continue achieving medals,» she expressed.
«It greatly satisfies to be part of those who every day put the name of Cuba very high,» she expressed excited.

She also surpassed the number of crowns achieved by fellow sprinter Yunidis Castillo, an overachiever who did not make the grade for this appointment in Japan.
«I want to dedicate this medal in a very special way to my coach Manuel López Martín, who passed away a few days ago, which caused me immense pain. He left without being able to tell him in this way that I am eternally grateful to him. I think the best gift I can give him is this medal,» she said.

«I am very grateful to the Cuban people and our government, for the support to make our dreams come true. Also to my coach Miriam. Her effort has never been in vain. She lives day by day, moment by moment, touching our problems with her hands,» she added.
«Sport is not only victories, there are many problems, many difficulties and Miriam deserves this and many, many more medals,» she added.

Omara will run again on September 1, in the qualifier and semifinal of the 100 meters. The following day, she will be in contention for the top spot in that event. On September 3, she will be in the 200-meter dash, which will close the following day.
With Tuesday’s results, Cuba, with two gold medals, one silver and one bronze, is in 33rd place in the general medal table, which is led by China (56-36-31).

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