9 de diciembre de 2021
Computación y Electrónica

Cuban Computer and Electronics Joven Club celebrates its 33rd anniversary

The Joven Club, a project created by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, has 640 facilities that have their raison d’être in communities, grandparents’ centers, kindergartens, homes for children without family protection and schools to reach the heart of each person and transmit knowledge and experiences.

Among its preferential services and products for the public are El Estanquillo, the Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia Ecured, and the audiovisual La Mochila.

Its centers have already graduated 4.7 million people in different courses of Computing and Electronics, in the modalities face-to-face, blended distance, and continue to contribute to the process of computerization of society, according to Juventud Rebelde.

On September 8th, 1987, the Joven Club opened its doors, for the first time, and the same in Havana as in Santiago de Cuba they settled in the neighborhood and soul of the Cubans of that time who, with joy and amazement, were witnessing a new stage of growth as human beings, people and nation, hand in hand with a PC mouse.

In its 33 years of work, and in the face of the growing challenges that technological development imposes on Cuban society, the formation of a computer culture continues to be one of the fundamental and priority guidelines in the daily work of the Joven Club where about 4.9 have been trained millions of Cubans in courses in the face-to-face, blended and distance modalities.

And important services have been provided to the community, health centers, schools and other institutions in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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