29 de noviembre de 2021
Ensayo clínico con Biomodulina T será aplicado, por primera vez en Cuba a niños con shock séptico

Cuban biotechnology drugs reinforce preventive health strategies in the province of Cienfuegos

Cuban biotechnology drugs reinforce preventive health strategies in the province of Cienfuegos in the face of the re-outbreak of COVID-19 in the territory, among those with the highest incidence of the disease in the country.

Dr. Salvador Tamayo Muñiz, provincial director of health, explained that the Nasalferon will begin to be administered to pregnant women of 26 weeks of gestation and more, to increase the immune response in patients of that risk group, in case of contracting the virus.

In the same way, Tamayo Muñiz confirmed that the drug Biomodulin-T, also of  Cuban production, will begin to be supplied to people over seventy years of age throughout the province, in a format of three doses, of three milligrams each, intramuscularly.
At the time of this information, the placement of Biomodulina-T in the province of Cienfuegos had begun in Palmira and Lajas municipalities.

The application of the drug will be extended to the rest of the province as the drug arrives.

Biomodulin-T will begin to be supplied in the municipality of Cienfuegos, the one with the highest incidence rate of COVID-19 in the province, starting next Sunday, when primary health care concludes the vaccination with the second dose of Abdala.

The use of low-dose aspirin for COVID-19 cases with moderate symptoms admitted to isolation centers is another measure incorporated into the public health protocols in Cienfuegos
This is due to the presence of venous thrombosis associated with the disease, and for this reason we generalize the use of aspirin ”, highlighted the head of public health in the province.

Speeding up the diagnosis is another need in the current health circumstances of Cienfuegos, to avoid the advance to serious and critical stages of the disease.

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