25 de enero de 2022
BioCen, es el centro pionero de la certificación de su sistema de gestión de la calidad en la biotecnología cubana.

Cuban biotechnology centers on list of high-tech companies

 The AICA Laboratories Company, the Immunoassay Center as well as the Neuroscience Center of Cuba will enter the list of high-tech entities, appointment granted to date to four other biotechnology and telecommunications institutions.

The granting of this category was approved by the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers, through the Ordinary Official Gazette No. 101 of 2021, and will be in force for the next three years, at the end of which it is renewed if companies maintain the requirements and indicators necessary for such status.

During this period, the government’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment must maintain a permanent control and evaluation of the upgraded institutions.

Until last April, Cuba had other four high-tech companies: the National Center for bio-preparations, a scientific-industrial institution with more than 30 biotechnology productions.

The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology was added. It engineered, among other products, Abdala anti-COVID-19 vaccine, the first in Cuba and Latin America with authorization for emergency use; as well as vaccine candidate, Mambisa, one of the seven in the world to be administered by nasal route and counteract the first contact and way in of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, causing the pandemic.

The Center for Molecular Immunology also has this category, having 42 patents and more than 800 scientific articles.

In addition to the Company of Information Technologies and Telematic Services , in charge of a line of innovation projects, some related to electronic trade, IP telephone, and digital postering; distance education; and software projects for management, among others.

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