24 de enero de 2022

Cuba strengthens policies to face climate change

The latter, together with the First Biennial Update Report to the United Nations framework convention on those variations in temperatures and other patterns, were initiated in 2018 and concluded on the date scheduled by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma).

According to Granma newspaper, it had the financial support of the Global Environment Facility and, as implementing agency, to the United Nations Environment Program Office in the Island.

Doctor of Science Eduardo Planos Gutierrez, director of the project, told the newspaper that the document shows the progress in terms of adaptation and mitigation, in compliance with the commitments acquired as a signatory of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, among others.

Planos Gutierrez said that it also contains the advances registered on the inventory of greenhouse gases and mitigation, transfer of technologies, communication and environmental education, scientific research, South-South cooperation, work in social networks and public information.

In the opinion of the also researcher of the Institute of Meteorology, the fulfillment of the project will strengthen Cuba’s technical and institutional capacity in the subject, will promote the integration of knowledge and information related to climate change, the link with the priorities of sectoral and territorial development.

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