8 de diciembre de 2021
Cuba seeks to protect population against COVID-19

Cuba seeks to protect population against COVID-19

Cuban scientists and health personnel are currently making progress in clinical trials of anti-COVID-19 vaccine candidates developed in this country with the aim of protecting the entire population.

Vaccine candidate Soberana 01 is going through clinical Phase I trial in convalescent patients who had mild symptoms, those who were asymptomatic or had positive test results.

The trial began on January 9 with the participation of 30 volunteers aged 19 to 59, who were in contact with the virus and currently have a negative PCR test.

These patients received a single dose of the vaccine on January 16 and from that moment, they maintain a strict monitoring in consultations and with the scientists.

The aim is to stimulate the protective levels of neutralizing antibodies and protect them against possible reinfection, Dr. Arturo Chang explained. Dr. Chang is a specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine at the Institute of Hematology and Immunology, the center where the trial is being developed.

Soberana 02, the other vaccine candidate of the Finlay Institute, is also making progress in Phase II of the clinical trials, which includes around 900 people. It is expected that Phase III trial begins in March with participation of 150,000 patients from several Havana health centers and it will be gradually expanded.

Cuba also has two other vaccine candidates to fight the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing COVID-19: Mambisa (CIGB-669), which will be administered nasally, and Abdala (CIGB-66), which will be injected. Both are developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

Taken From: Prensa Latina

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