20 de septiembre de 2021
Vacunación Cienfuegos

Cuba reports over 2.6 million people vaccinated against COVID-19

As many as 2,620,050 Cubans have already received the complete three-dose COVID-19 vaccination stage, by applying some Cuban-own vaccines, official sources reported.
According to Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director of Epidemiology, at his regular press briefing, such a figure accounts for 23.4% of the Cuban people.

In addition, 3,196,737 people have received the second dose on and other 3,833,448 the first one.

Previous figures add up to 9,650,235 applied doses in different modalities: health intervention and clinical trials, Dr. Duran stated.

Abdala vaccine, one of the candidates applied in the national immunization strategy, was approved for emergency use by the national regulatory authority on July 9 and thus became the first anti-COVID-19 product developed in Latin America.

Created by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Abdala candidate provides a three-dose immunization scheme, proving a 92.28% effectiveness in its phase III of its clinical trials

On the other hand, Soberana 02 candidate –created by the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV)– also used for national immunization, together with Soberana PLUS proposal, proved 91.2% effectiveness in phase III of its clinical trials.

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