20 de septiembre de 2021
Cuba reporta 81 nuevos casos de COVID-19, un fallecido y 44 altas médicas

Cuba reports 81 new cases of COVID-19, one death and 44 medical discharges

At the close of this Monday, Cuba reported 81 new cases of COVID-19, for a total of 5,222 since March; one deceased and 44 medical discharges, Dr. Francisco Duran Garcia, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), reported at a press conference.

The Cuban health authority said that 8,074 patients are admitted to hospitals for clinical-epidemiological surveillance: 6,162 under surveillance, 1,315 suspects and 597 confirmed. 8,175 samples were studied in all the molecular biology laboratories of the country and 81 were positive.

The country accumulates 554 425 tests carried out; of them, 5,222 positive.

Of the 81 cases diagnosed: 

  •  73 are Cubans and 8 foreigners are temporary residents in the country.
  • 78 are contacts of confirmed cases.
  •  In three, the source of infection could not be determined.
  •  27 of the feminine sex and 54 of the masculine sex.

Of the 5,222 patients diagnosed with the disease: 

  •  440 with a source of infection abroad.
  • 90.2% were contacts of confirmed cases.
  • 560 children under 20 years of age, 490 are already on medical discharge.
  • There are 117 deaths, two evacuated and 4,506 recovered patients.
  • Eight patients in serious condition and three in critical condition are reported.

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