26 de octubre de 2021
Cuba informa 59 nuevos contagios por COVID-19 en el país

Cuba reports 59 new infections by COVID-19 and 51 medical discharges

At the close of yesterday, August 30, in Cuba 1,141 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance, of them: 35 under surveillance, 548 suspects and 558 confirmed.

For COVID-19, 5 438 samples were studied, resulting in 59 positive samples.

Cuba accumulates 398 223 samples made and 4 032 positive (1.01%). Therefore, at the close of yesterday, 59 new cases were confirmed, with a cumulative of 4,032 in the country.

The 59 diagnosed cases are Cuban, of which 47 were contacts of confirmed cases, 11 without a specified source of infection and one with a source of infection abroad.

Of the 59 confirmed cases, 34 are male and 25 are female. 59.3% (35) were asymptomatic, accumulating 2,344, representing 58.1% of those confirmed to date.

Of the 4,032 patients diagnosed with the disease, 558 (13.8%) remain confirmed, 536, 96.1% with stable clinical evolution.

94 deaths are reported (none in the day), two evacuated, 51 discharges of the day, 3 378 recovered patients accumulate (84%).

Eight patients in critical condition and 14 in serious condition are reported.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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