17 de enero de 2022
Cuba reporta 550 nuevos casos de COVID-19, tres fallecidos y 226 altas médicas

Cuba reports 550 new positive cases of COVID-19, three deaths and 226 discharges

Cuba confirmed at the close of this Tuesday 12,550 new cases of COVID-19, three deaths and 226 medical discharges, Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) reported at a press conference.

Durán García specified that 6,726 patients are admitted to the hospitals, of them 2,339 suspects, 1,009 under surveillance and 3,378 confirmed.

Yesterday, he said, 14,261 samples were processed in the 18 molecular biology laboratories of the country, and as a result 550 infections to COVID-19 were confirmed, the highest number of positive cases in a day.

Out of the total cases (550): 468 were contacts of confirmed cases; 26 with a source of infection abroad; on day 56 without a specified source of infection. Of the 550 cases diagnosed, 293 were female and 257 male.

55.2% (304) of the 550 positive cases were asymptomatic, accumulating a total of 10,227, representing 63.6% of those confirmed to date.

Out of the total number of cases of the day, 212 are linked to international travelers, accumulating 6,070 that represent 72.1% of the total cases reported since November 15.

The 550 diagnosed cases belong to the age groups: under 20 years 74; from 20 to 39 years 245; from 40 to 59 years 141, from 60 and over, 90.

Residence by provinces of the 550 new positive COVID-19 cases


Out of the 16,044 patients diagnosed with the disease, 3,378 remain at hospitalized, and 3,349 with stable clinical evolution. 158 deaths are reported (three in the day), two evacuated, 28 returned to their countries, 226 discharges of the day, 12 478 recovered patients accumulated (78%). 29 confirmed patients are cared for in intensive care, 13 of them critical and 16 seriously ill.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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