8 de diciembre de 2021
Cuba informa 43 nuevos casos de COVID-19, ningún fallecido y 28 altas médicas

Cuba reports 43 new positive cases of COVID-19 

At the end of yesterday, November 9, 2,937 patients were admitted for clinical epidemiological surveillance, 791 suspects, 1,635 and 511 confirmed under surveillance.

For COVID-19, 8,219 samples were studied, resulting in 43 positive samples. The country accumulates 926 778 samples carried out and 7 392 positive (0.80%). Therefore, at the close of yesterday 43 new cases were confirmed, with a cumulative of 7,392 in the country.

Of the 43 diagnosed cases, 42 are Cubans and 1 foreigner. Of the total number of cases (43): 41 were resulted from local transmittal and two with a source of infection abroad.

Of the 43 diagnosed cases, 22 were female and 21 male. 62.8% (27) of the 43 positive cases were asymptomatic, accumulating 4,578, representing 61.9% of those confirmed to date.

From the 7,392 patients diagnosed with the disease, 511 (6.9%), 508 (99.4%) with stable clinical evolution remain confirmed.

130 deaths are reported (none in the day), two evacuated, 28 medical discharges of the day, 6,749 recovered patients accumulate (91.3%) and three patients in intensive care, one of  them critical and two seriously ill.

(Translated by Yeney Perez Corona)

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